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Sensual Home – A book for the senses

Ilse Crawford´s , ¨Sensual Home¨ book is a delight to the eyes and to the touch. Its beautiful and inspiring photos are a real treat and its suade-like cover is so pleasant to handle!


I´ve had this book for more than 18 years, it was given to me by my college friends when we graduated from Central Saint Martins. I´ve kept it close  since then, reading a bit of it once in a while and using it´s sumptuous photos as inspiration.


Even though you could think it´s only decoration, it goes beyond home aesthetics, it is a book for the body, soul and spirit. For the last year or so, that we´ve been turning Mrs. Lovegood around, this book has been my reference in so many ways. It´s beautiful journey through the senses and use of materials, light, scale and composition are the perfect combination for the building of intimate, nurturing and beautiful surroundings.


It was published in 1998 and I am sure it will continue standing the test of time,  Ilse Crawford´s kind of home will always be current.


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