5 weekend treats

5 Weekend Treats

There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than having ahead a committment-less weekend. I just enjoy knowing that, whatever I decide can be done slowly, no rush. Just time to nurture myself and those around me, just doing what I love.

cooking with family

1. Cooking! We usually meet up with husband and kids and decide together what we would like to eat during the weekend. Sometimes we can make a risotto or have nibbles (cheese, olives, pickles and vegetables) by the fireplace. When it´s grey outside a stew is usually a good idea, and roasts  (usually chicken)  are always popular. This Jamie Oliver recipe is so delicious and easy to make.

reading in the sun

2. As long as weather allows it, I try and make the best out of nature. Just sitting outside, reading, or simply staring and being just charges me up. When it is sunny I try and soak up as much vitamin D as I can and when it is cold I still make an effort, packing myself in tons of layers.

solving puzzles

3. For a few minutes or for hours puzzles are definitely one of my weekend treats. It´s a patience, observation and acceptance exercise, as I know it takes time and that it will probably not be finished by Sunday. I look forward to Saturdays as I see it standing still on the dining table during the week. If you are looking for a very special one, Liberty puzzles are my favorite, not an easy task but their laser-cut wood pieces are absolutely adorable.

TV family

4. Finding something to watch with husband and two kids ( girl 11 and boy 14) is not a simple task. After trying different things we´ve discovered we share the love for food and cooking, so series like The Big Family Cooking Showdown and Chef´s Table are where we all meet . Frequently we end up in the kitchen cooking something, hoping it´s as delicious as what we´ve just seen on TV.

listening to music

5. Even though I´m far from considering myself a melomaniac, lately I´ve been working on music lists that go with my everyday life. So, on Saturday nights, wine in hand, I listen to music to be added to this repertoire. Hopefully I´ll be sharing those soon, maybe your days sound like mine.


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